Spongebob Pumkin

Hey Friends. I wanted to share my baby's first school project. She was very proud to take this pumpkin, that she painted all by herself, to school. She did all the painting. Her dad traced the face in Sharpie, but she painted it in. I am very proud of her.

Don't know how much posting I will get to do with our busy Halloween weekend. So HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!

Be Blessed, Beckie


Amy's Designs said...

That's adorable. Love me some Spongebob

Jessica said...

Our favorite Bikini Bottom Friend. Your daughter did FANTASTIC!

Ellen ♥ CardMonkey said...

OMG, Beckie ...Your BabyGirl's SpongeBob pumpkin in simply adorable! She did a fabulous job, as did you hubbie on the drawing! I just may have to steal this idea!! LOVE IT!

Blessings to you on this beautiful day -- arrrrgh, they're calling for possibility of SNOW tomorrow, so guess who will be running out to the grocery store, like all the other mad people around here??!


Ellen ♥ CardMonkey
E-mail: cardmonkey@comcast.net

Tracey said...

This is the coolest looking pumkin!

AJ Scrapbooking and Cards said...

How cute Beckie My kids love SpongeBob. Yes tell your baby what a wonderful job they have done.

Especially_For_You said...

This is so cute, she did a great job painting it! :)


Brittney said...

Cute! She did a great job!


jessica said...

This is adorable Beckie!! We are HUGE spongebob fans in my house and my boys LOVE this!
Happy Halloween!!

Mary J said...

Hello Beckie honey! This is so much fun - very professional!

Erin said...

Kids liked seeing this!

Kim said...

Beckie, Your daughter did a fabulous job on her pumpkin!!! How cute:)