Heat Fusible Vinyl & a T-Shirt

Hey Friends!!!!

Every since I saw Joy of Joy's Life make a project with heat fusible vinyl, I have wanted to try it! I had never ordered any vinyl...always too cheap cause there were lots of other crafty supplies I "needed".

This year my baby is a big Kindergartener :'( She is growing at lightening speed. However, the school is celebrating the 100th day of school. So my baby says...Mom we have to make something for The 100th Day of School!!!

I was brainstorming what to do when almost immediately....a lightbulb...I can make her a t-shirt and I can try out the vinyl. Whoo hoo!!! Also, in making this shirt, I would totally need an iRock setter ;0)

So I got my vinyl from Joy's recommended Expressions Vinyl . They have great prices and lots of vinyl (and other things) to choose from....and a good price.

Here is the t-shirt I whipped up....which BTW was SO SUPER EASY to do....

I kept it simple. I used my Cricut Design Studio software to weld the words together. I thought this would be easier to have all 1 item...then I wouldn't be trying to line things up and chase 'em with the iron. 

I cut the wording out with Making the Grade cart at 2 1/2", and the numbers were cut from Don Juan at the same height. The hearts come from Doodlecharms at 1".

Then I used my just out of the package cordless iRock rhinestone setter. Which BTW, I got at Michaels (on sale) before Christmas for about $12. Whoot whoot!!!

Now you know how I spent my Wednesday night instead of going to my wonderful church (which is where I should've been...eeek!)

I hope you like it. I think it's SUPER-DUPER cute....especially for my 1st project of heat transferable vinyl and iRock use. Be sure to come back this weekend for the hop I'm in....got candy and I guarantee you will like it :0D.

Be blessed, Beckie


jessica said...

I <3 it Beckie!!
I have not tried this yet.....you enabler :)
It is now on my list of want to do's this year!
TFS :)
AWESOME job!!!!

Janis said...

Hey, Beckie! That's pretty cool. I've never tried any kind of vinyl. Looks great! Got your comment on my blog. You can email me anytime at Janis at slowar dot com. We are enjoying being back home in the East. Friends and family are about 45 minutes away, so we see the kids and grandbaby that lives in SC often, which is very nice. Have a fun, creative day!

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

wow Beckie!!!! definitely SUPER-DUPER awesome!

hugs :)

cricutalltime said...

very creative.never tried vinyl either im cheap as well.lol.love the rhinestones.now i need an irock.Well you didnt miss church because you wore lazy you wore very busy.tfs

DIANA L. said...

What a great idea super cute. TFS

abusybee - DoubleClick Connections said...

Super fun! This is adorable!

The Archiving Angel said...

Hello Beckie!
I am catching up with my followers, commenters & bloggers and finally made my way.
I am loving the shirt.
It came out fantastic!
You totally rocked this!
Thanks for your blog support & for leaving me comments while I was away caring for my ill mother.
I am back now & really trying to get to all of my followers. It may take some time but you are all well worth it.
Take care my crafty friend.
Crafty best wishes,