Valentine's Day Card with some Sparkly Sweet Jute in White

Hi!!! Thanks for stopping by. I'm trying to get some Valentine's Day cards made. I didn't get but a couple of Christmas cards made because I waited until too late. LOL.
So here is another Vday card that I used the NEW Jute String in White from my online store ~ Sparkly Sweet Craft Notions.
 I used several strands of the White jute to make the banner.

I pop dotted the pennants to give the card more dimension.

The fantastic pennants are from my fav dies... My Creative Time

The papers and sequins are from my stash. I'm soo lovin' sequins.


Norma said...

Love the banner and the paper is very cute!! Have a fantastic weekend!!

Creative M said...

Absolutely GORGEOUS!
Have a wonderful day,
Crafting With Creative M

Sherrie K. said...

Adorable! Love the papers:)
Sherrie K

Georgiana said...

Love the banner!

steve said...

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