New Friend!!


There's a new gal on the block. She's the bestie of my bestie Jessica of Jessica's Craft Shaque so I guess that makes her my double best cousin. HAHA.

Seriously...hop over and give Ms. Teresa a Papercrafty Blogland Welcome.

Be blessed, Beckie 


Jessica said...

No, No, not a double best cousin...a BESTIE BLEND cubed (or to the third power)...LOL! This is so so so super sweet of you to announce this. Now Teresa will probably pick sides and talk to you more than me this week since you posted before I could...LOL!
Hugs Bestie Blend,

Teresa said...

Beckie you are so sweet! I can’t thank you enough for your warm welcome. You have made getting into online crafting a lot less intimidating. Thank you for your kindness!


marg0006 said...

welcome to a very fun blog.